Mirror Image Photos? How to Flip Pictures with a Photo Editor App

We've all had the experience by now of taking a selfie and realizing that the finished product is not the mirror image we're used to seeing. Even though a flip image like this is an accurate photo, it looks strange, and it sure would be nice to have a way to flip it back. Unfortunately, neither the iPhone Camera app nor the Photos app has a way to mirror photos, so we'll need to find a third-party iPhone photo editor. Let's get started going over a few apps I've researched for editing, and specifically, flipping your images so they look how you'd hoped they would. 

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Mirror an Image with the Flipper App

mirror image flipper app

The first app I tried is very simple to use and, best of all, free. In addition to mirroring images over a vertical or horizontal axis, there are lots of other fun effects to explore including cropping, rotating, and multiplying your image in all sorts of psychedelic iterations. To create a mirror image using this app you'll need to grant access to your photo library, then:

  • Choose a photo you'd like to mirror, then tap on the rotate icon.
  • From here, you'll have four choices of mirroring or rotation styles; choose the third icon, which will mirror your image over a vertical axis.

image flip with the flipper appflip image with the flipper app

  • Your photo will be mirrored, and you can play around with more effects or tap the blue checkmark to finish.
  • Now you can share your edited picture to Instagram, download it, or share it!

iphone photo editor appmirror camera app

Flip a Picture with the QuickFlip Camera App

mirror image app

Here's an app that's even easier to use than Flipper, and also free. QuickFlip allows users the option to flip their photos up, down, left, or right, all with one easy swipe. Just:

  • Give permission for the app to access your Camera Roll, then choose or take a photo to flip or mirror.
  • Follow the directions to mirror your image; I swiped right on this photo of my daughter.

flip picture with quickflipmirror selfies with app

  • Once you've edited the image to your satisfaction, tap Save.
  • From this screen you'll be able to share your photo via text or social media, copy it, save it to a shared album, and much more.

share photo from app

Mirror Image Apps—Tons of Choices Out There!

If neither of these two apps struck your fancy, just delete them and try a few more; there are dozens of options! Let me know if you found any more good ones without too many ads in the comments below.

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